LiNNXX Solutions

Our Vision is a world that
works for all to THRIVE!

Our goal is to connect you with the power of technology
to launch and grow the business and life of your dreams!

Our Services

Our services are designed to help you to THRIVE by connecting you with the power of technology, both Inner Technology and Digital Technology:

Inner Technology to upgrade your consciousness to get ready to THRIVE!
Set yourself up for success by releasing limiting, self-sabotaging beliefs.

Digital Technology & Training to launch and expand your online presence.

How can we help You to bring your dreams to life?

Contact us for a FREE 15 minute Discovery Call to discuss your dreams for your project and discover how we can help you?

LiNNXX Solutions was created to help build a better world, a world that works for all to THRIVE!

Appreciation from my clients:

"A big thank you to Lin Oliver, a highly conscious and talented soul who helped me to put my website together. Lin is a Business Start Up Coach who is passionate about helping us start our own businesses. She's intuitive, super clever and quick, patient and funny. A pleasure to work with... it doesn't even feel like work! I highly recommend her." Dr. S. Khan

“Lin Oliver is truly a gift to the holistic community. Her passion alone for the highest good of all is unmatched in my experience. Add to that an incredible store of computer, technical and marketing knowledge. For those seeking direction in their business I highly recommend Lin's services. She truly shares in the joy of your success.” C. Danielis

“Lin Oliver was an exceptional source of support, knowledge, creative ideas and patience as I worked on launching my website. I recommend Lin's services as she offers an amazing blend of technical savvy combined with in-depth wisdom on people empowerment and mind-body-spirit wellness.” E. Soltis

"When Linda Oliver steps up to the plate to help you with a project, LOOK OUT! Don’t let her kind, mild manner fool you… she is one determined woman gently supporting and encouraging you to the finish line, using all her metaphysical tools of positive thinking and her exceptional computer knowledge. Lin's optimism, quiet confidence and persistent focus gets the job done. Bless you Lin for becoming my personal cheer leader with “Insights.” L. Buckland

Founder of LiNNXX Solutions
& The Luminous Living Academy

Linda Oliver is Chief Empowerment Officer at LiNNXX Solutions with a mission and passion to empower people to bring their dreams to life. Linda graduated from the Networking Fundamentals program in 1995 as a Certified Novell Network Administrator (CNA).

Lin has a passion for technology with a broad range of technical skills and more than twenty years experience as an IT professional in a variety of roles including digital strategist, systems administrator, database administrator, helpdesk analyst, software trainer, IT project manager, web developer, marketing technologist and ultimately director of marketing.

Linda is passionate about the power and potential of technology for creating a better world, with more options to choose where to live and work. I see Infinite Possibilities.

The Luminous Living Academy is powered by LiNNXX.