My Journey

Hello and Welcome,

In 1998 I began a personal quest to find an answer to this question:

   "If love IS the answer, why is there so much suffering?"

At that time two people I love very much were suffering, in excruciating pain located in two different countries, Canada and England. I desperately wanted to help them both but felt heartbroken and helpless, hence my quest: "If love IS the answer, why is there so much suffering?"

What did I discover? 

Yes! Love IS the answer!

But not in the way I "thought" I understood love in 1998 when I began my wholehearted search.

The years from 1998 to 2004 were full of searching, study, angst, rage and ranting!!

Then in January 2005 I began my training to become a Certified Practitioner of the Attractor Field Techniques, AFT. AFT is a consciousness based system which has transformed my life completely.

Also in 2005 I discovered Christ's Letters on the Internet. My AFT training was a wonderful foundation to begin to read and embrace Christ's Letters.

Since then I have been passionately reading, studying and sharing Christ's Letters, Messages and Articles and I am grateful to be able share this program with You today to assist you on your journey.

In the Messages from Christ dictated in 2007 'Calling For A Higher Vision' Christ says:

"I would have you realize that your world itself is truly UNIVERSAL LOVE made visible.

How each person perceives it, is born of personal attitudes to the world and life generally. 

Your view of it is entirely personal and is not the absolute Truth because you do not yet fully understand the processes of creation. You can only glimpse them."

"I beg you, for the sake of a Blessed Future for the World to speak amongst your family, your friends and colleagues about CHRIST'S HEADQUARTERS established to work to cleanse the world consciousness of crime and war and to establish a divine era of love, peace and fulfillment of creative talent." Visit CHRIST'S HEADQUARTERS website

To help build this New Era I have launched the Luminous Living Academy to share "New Skills for a New Era" and published my book which is designed to be a handbook for freedom from limiting beliefs:

The Universe is a Dream Machine

but sometimes we don't believe it, that's why our dreams can't come true.

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It is my passion, purpose and great delight to share solutions that have transformed my life, and have the potential to transform your life and our world; when we change, we change the world.

With much love.

Linda Oliver