Daily Living

Rules for Daily Living

From the 2007 Message:  Membership for the 'ERA of LOVE & PEACE' or 'KINGDOM OF HEAVEN on EARTH'

The Rules to be followed DAILY are:

  1. Daily reading of the Christ given Rules and Explanations (see below) of why he has made them into rules.
  2. Daily Meditation.  [see How To Meditate in Letter 8 for directions on how to meditate and other guidance]
  3. Daily, I will reject all ego thoughts and replace them with thoughts of compassionate love and unconditional love.
  4. To make meaningful contact with other people I must LISTEN to them and must stop bringing the subject back to myself. 
  5. I must be able to hear truths about myself without hiding behind a cloak of excuses and indulging in retaliations.
  6. I must, at all times, be truthful and straight forward, otherwise my consciousness will be fragmented and I will lack conviction. 
  7. Daily, I must remember and affirm that in the Kingdom of Heaven – tomorrow is always perfect. 
  8. I must avoid all alarmist talk. To build the Kingdom of Heaven within and without myself, I must withdraw my consciousness from everything which I do not want to see repeated or perpetuated in the future. 
  9. I will listen carefully to all who seek my love and my comfort and will ask Divine Consciousness to give me the words to heal their hurt.
  10. I will not give way to jealousy because I know that all the things necessary for my care and happiness can be mine when I ask ‘Father-Mother-Love’. 
  11. Daily, I will make the Affirmation – visualising the full meaning as I speak.

Rules & Explanations

Before setting out the rules for Membership, I will refresh your memories concerning your own creative power within your minds.

‘...when your thoughts and feelings unite in thought patterns of desire, or intention or purpose, you have created a life-form. That life-form is a blueprint, an electrical outline of your intention and the corresponding magnetic field of emotion draws particles of energy together to bring this driving intention into visible manifestation.’

This is a manifestation of your own desires and because your knowledge of yourself and your future is so limited, this manifestation will bring its happy side and its dark side into your experience.

But when you first go to Divine Consciousness and seek the true solution to your problem and take this solution back to Divine Consciousness for its perfect manifestation on earth – then you have the perfect manifestation of Light carrying within it no future disappointments.

Try to make it second nature to first seek guidance from Divine Consciousness. Even though you may feel you have heard nothing from the Divine, I tell you truly – if you remain steadfast in faith, in time to come, you will find the answers in visible form returning to you.


  1. As a Member of the Kingdom of Heaven of Earth I will meditate daily, starting with ten minutes, and moving on to whatever time I am comfortable with. I will set aside all thought as much as possible, quieten and silence my mind. 
  2. I ask Divine Consciousness with heartfelt prayer to enter my consciousness and take over, bringing me Divine Wisdom and Divine Love that It may bless my own life and all I relate to in any way, and the world generally.
  3. I will use this time of union with Divine Consciousness to KNOW that all matters I take to it for healing and solving will be duly healed and solved.
  4. I pray that Divine Consciousness will give me the grace to KNOW that IT always answers the prayer of loving conviction.
  5. As a Member helping to create the Kingdom of Heaven, I must set aside every thought of envy. I must remember and affirm that as the child of Divine Consciousness, the ‘Father’, I may ask for whatever is needed or wanted and know that, in due time, it will surely be manifested for me.
  6. As a true Member of the Kingdom, daily I will reject all ego thoughts and replace them with those of compassionate love and the unconditional loving thoughts with which I will help build the Kingdom.
  7. Daily I will repeat to myself: ‘I have undertaken to help build an Era of Love and Peace and my every loving thought is a transforming influence on earth’.
  8. I must remember that the Kingdom of Heaven is a place of joy and laughter. Daily I pray that I may become more enlightened and lifted into appropriate spontaneous joy and laughter to help lighten the spirits of those around me.
  9. Daily I must remember that to overcome ego and make deep meaningful contact with other people, I must LISTEN! I must control my ego-drive to talk about myself, and must listen, striving to understand and empathise with what I am being told.
  10. Daily I must remember that to overcome ego, I must be able to hear any truth about myself without wanting to retaliate or find excuses. In the Kingdom of Heaven there is no backbiting, vindictiveness, resentment! By undertaking to help build the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, I must transcend all these ego impulses – exchanging them for unconditional love.
  11. Daily I must remember that in the Kingdom of Heaven there is only a KNOWING that tomorrow will be perfect because Divine Consciousness fills the minds and hearts of every dweller in the Kingdom. Therefore, I must avoid all alarmist talk. 
  12. I will not get caught up in retelling the faults of others. I will not indulge my lower consciousness by contemplating the evils of the governments and the world. To build the Kingdom of Heaven I must withdraw from everything which I do not want to see perpetuated – otherwise the Kingdom will never take shape, or others may build it and I will be left behind. I will be shut out by the self-indulgent consciousness I am building every day.
  13. I will listen with love to all who seek my comfort and will ask Divine Consciousness to give me the words to say to heal their hurt.
  14. Daily, I will visualise and make the Affirmation with love for the world and for myself. I will affirm constantly that because Divine Consciousness illumines my mind, my affirmations are powerful and life giving. I visualise they are the seeds of future events.

My beloved souls, it is known that at this time there will be clear and unmistakable divisions between the children who choose the Light and the children who prefer the diversions and darkness of the worldly ego. For the Light to lighten the world all must become the children of the Divine.

Lovingly, compassionately, even reluctantly I leave you, having spoken what I would have you understand. My LOVE enfolds you in ardent longing for you to receive my words as simply as a tiny child listens to its father’s well-loved voice, to ensure my urgent message may bear fruit in your lives and the lives of those who surround you.

This is a true message of powerful creativity of your future. If you will believe and act, you will see it come to pass. Most certainly within your own lives you will find yourselves in your Kingdom of Heaven.

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