The Recorder of Christ's Letters

The Recorder's Short Prayer

Divine Consciousness, the Source of all Intelligence and Love in the world - my LIFE, I open my mind and heart to receive your Wisdom, Love, Strength. I ask that You may enhance and prospoer me and my family, and lead me into doing only what will enhance and bless everyone in my environment. I thank you for your immense Power within me and my life.

Message from The Recorder:

These Letters and Articles are the work of Christ, who made it clear they were to be made freely available on the internet. I am merely the “Recorder”.

The Letters were received in 2000 and 2001. They have been available on the internet since 2001. The first of the Articles, in which Christ comments on our daily lives, was received in 2003 and the most recent of the messages in December 2014. Nothing in these writings has been derived from other literature, although other writers have also drawn their insight from Christ. All who are in harmony with his Consciousness are greatly blessed.

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