Christ's Article 12 - Life More Abundant

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Life More Abundant

I said, when I walked the earth in Palestine,


Has anyone in the Christian Churches ever truly understood this statement?

Life More Abundant in your human minds may mean more energy, vitality, health – perhaps even riches.

But from my perspective of having BECOME the individualisation of LIFE ITSELF, I meant something so far beyond your human perceptions at this moment, that I know this is the right time to try to lift your consciousness to the higher levels of spiritual consciousness where you will begin to glimpse the TRUTH I was trying to reveal to the Jews in Palestine.


In the earlier words of this statement, I tried to make it clear that your human perceptions are limited. In fact, unless you have already been on a true spiritual path, seeking the Reality of THAT which gave form and consciousness to all creation, you will be bound down by your ruling ‘Sovereign’ – the Ego.

The EGO sorely limits the breadth of your human perceptions and vision, since it forces your consciousness to focus exclusively on your own happiness and survival.

It is only when the soul of a person first sends out a message to its human consciousness that there is more to life than ‘the self’, that the individual begins to want to discover more about life and about the Origins of life.

As the consciousness of the human mind is gradually woken up from its long subordination to the Ego, so does it begin to question much that lies beyond its present knowledge. At the beginning of its quest for greater knowledge of the unknown, it will probably be drawn to a religion, since it would seem, humanly speaking, that the Churches must hold within their wisdom and teachings, the secrets of the Source of Life.

This Christian subservience to Religious human domination, claiming to know the secrets of the universe, is a good kindergarten for the opening consciousness of Ego-directed minds.

Thou shall worship God; Thou shall not kill; thou shall not steal; thou shall not commit adultery and sleep with your neighbour’s wife; thou shall not slander and tell lies; thou shall not envy your neighbour’s goods; and so on.

All these rules belong to the control of the Ego Kingdom. They do not apply to the spiritual realms of the soul. The soul knows nothing of such human impulses.

The very first injunction: ‘To worship the Lord thy God’ is a pagan concept.

PAGANS put up fetishes to worship. SPIRITUAL ADEPTS move beyond this elementary human practice and begin to experience the Infinite – Divine Consciousness which is transcendent of all forms of consciousness on earth.

When coming into membership of a Church – especially a Christian or Jewish religion, the first instruction is to remember at all times that you have come from a great SOURCE which has given you individuality and consciousness. Because this is so, you must refrain from the Ego Impulses.

The Ego Impulses impel you to grasp those possessions which you believe will make you more comfortable or happy, and to push away, defend yourself, physically if necessary, from those elements and things which make you uncomfortable or are perceived to be dangerous to your life and well-being.

On entering a religious observance, your immediate attention is drawn to God and you are taught that to ‘please’ God and ensure your own happiness, you must avoid all the ego impulses listed above. But this is still an ego-driven precept. Since the unacknowledged purpose behind it is the aim of finding happiness and security.

If you belong to a Christian Church, then there is usually the following: ‘Unless you please God – you sin.’ 

As you may be able to see, this statement places severe limitations on your ability to appreciate life. You are placed in a mental cage imprisoning your mind within these dire warnings that unless you please God, you will sin, and punishment inevitably follows. How this punishment will be recognized is never said, BUT THE THREAT LIES OVER CHURCH GOERS’ HEADS. Some people are greatly depressed by this teaching.

This is a severe restriction of the LIFE IMPULSE which is, in its fullest sense, boundless JOY, enthusiasm, laughter, love, spontaneity, a feeling of well-being and an inbuilt sense of optimism – that life will never let you down – that you will have enough to eat, drink, clothe yourself and everything needed to make your lives happy.

LIFE is an active stream of consciousness having its origins in UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS. IT unites – and ignites – dormant SEEDS in plants, animals and human beings, and impels them to grow according to an innate plan which science calls DNA.

This is the true universal, eternal LIFE IMPULSE which is yours by right of birth into this world. You can witness it in children, before their little minds, coached by adults, begin to wonder whether LIFE is really so secure, and free of pain and misery, as they thought it was. Instinctively, babies lie on their backs and wave their arms and legs and gurgle with laughter. ‘BEING ALIVE is GOOD’, they are saying. Providing, of course, they have had the good fortune to be born into loving families which cater to all their needs.

But there is a far deeper ASPECT OF LIFE – which is really UNIVERSAL CONSCIOUSNESS become active within Its own creation of the galaxies and earth itself.

It is an aspect that was given me to perceive clearly and UNDERSTAND when I was in the Sinai Desert in Palestine. I saw that the ORIGIN of LIFE, the SOURCE of our BEING, always manifested Itself through all living things from the very least to the greatest, from a pansy to an elephant, in a very special way, an intelligent way. It was so consistent, you could call IT the NATURE of THAT which has brought all created things into visible being.

ITS NATURE is also the SOURCE of all earthly wonder, joy, happiness, personal fulfilment and creativity.

No matter where living beings, humans and animals, may go, they are literally supported minute by minute by the indwelling NATURE of our SOURCE of BEING There is no escaping it. BUT – until I came to earth, and then, not until I returned through the mind of my Recorder, has this great TRUTH been taught, showing its full significance.

You do not have to chase happiness, or success, expansion of your dreams, or health – because ALL OF THESE are already within you, being impressed in you by your SOURCE of BEING, your SOURCE of LIFE. All these things you so earnestly and rightly long for – are YOURS. But they do not appear to be yours, because they are hidden under all your mental structures, beliefs, opinions, created and handed down by your ancestors and their ancestors before them – and it is high time that you, – as many of you as are capable of taking necessary action, can launch into a wholesale reupholstering of your mental programme.

Strip away the myths, strip away your bogey men, your fears, your despair, your frustrations, your anguish, and wake up – STAND UP and REALISE that they are all in your mind, born of your personal mental conditioning, AND GET RID OF THEM.

More easily said than done, you will no doubt be thinking, but the GREAT TRUTH of BEING is THIS.


There are teachers who will preach positive thinking – but I never did that. I told you clearly that the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS WITHIN YOU. 

What I meant was that LIFE is the source of ALL you could ever want – providing you allow it to work in you by sweeping away all doubt AND by BELIEVING THAT IT WILL BRING YOU INTO PROSPERITY, JOY AND FULFILMENT to the extent you can rid your minds and emotions of old ego thoughts and feelings.

THIS is what I meant when I said: ‘I came to bring you life more abundant’. I came – and I am come now – to awaken you to the fact that LIFE within you, grows you first of all, then it grows your plans, hopes, expectations, it brings to you all the necessary assistance to enable your plans, hopes and dreams to grow in the right and perfect way which will bring life to other people also. IT enters into your difficulties and brings healing where your heart is sore or your bodies succumb to illness. IT mends catastrophes in your life in the same way as IT heals broken bones. IT fulfills all your needs as they arise – in the perfect way. And LIFE, unlike human beings, maintains a system of order in all IT undertakes to do.

All these are ‘LIFE MORE ABUNDANT’ – more than you dreamed possible. Put my words to the test.

Make a clear form of your dearest wish in your mind. Take it to Divine Consciousness in silent meditation, ASK, give sincere thanks that you are receiving. The request is now filled with LIFE and must come into manifest being in exactly the same way as a seed grows when put in earth and watered. Wait, give constant thanks for receiving, never doubt, and you will receive a very clear answer.

It is possible that having read this message, that ‘all things beautiful and wholesome, including healing, are already yours’, you wonder why it is that you still have your chronic illness or poverty despite your prayer and your belief. You seriously question how much you can really believe.

I can only say that true belief is a relatively rare condition.


It is a moment of overwhelming transcendent conviction when you KNOW way beyond all negative and fearful disbelief, that LIFE IS more powerful, more transforming, more perfectly in control of atomic elements than any sickness can ever be. Then – as hundreds of chronically and critically ill people have testified down the ages, the longed-for unimaginable miracle takes place, and suddenly there is felt an inflow of heat and power, perhaps a Light is seen, and wholeness of mind and body are experienced where before there was sickness.

It can be done. Miracles also occur over a longer time span and are therefore discounted but may well be as much a result of ongoing faith as the quick spontaneous healing. Other miracles of ‘fulfilment of need’, take place far more than you realise they do. Seek to BELIEVE, pray for BELIEF – and when you least expect it, it will be given you. Seek to be absolutely consistent in all your efforts to find and make contact with the Divine – and it will surely be given you.

It is a LAW OF EXISTENCE that when you ASK you will receive. When you SEEK, what you seek will be revealed to you. When you knock it will be opened to you.

Take comfort. Believe!

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