Christ's Article 9 - Human Love Brings Disappointment

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Human Love Brings Disappointment

LOVE – LOVE – LOVE – is the only way to healing, wellbeing, prosperity, true success, happiness.

I know that you regard this talk of LOVE as being sanctimonious or sentimental, or advice that will make you ‘please’ ‘God’ – or ‘pleasing’ to ‘God’ – or that will make you a ‘good’ person as opposed to a ‘wicked’ one.

But this is the way that your grandfathers thought. Never, at any time during or since my life in Palestine, did I ever make a statement to help you become a ‘better’ person.

This is a Jewish misinterpretation of my earthly teachings.

Such interpretations must now be discarded as swiftly as possible.

They cloud your inner perceptions and spiritual vision.

They prevent sincere spiritual seekers from accepting the TRUTH of BEING.

Knowledge of the TRUTH of BEING enabled me to leave the desert in Palestine a changed man, a spiritual Master and Healer in control of atomic elements.

It is now time, for those who are ready, to absorb that knowledge and begin to construct the lives it is within their power to construct.

This is why I have deliberately set up a means of reaching the world through the dedicated co-operation of the Recorder, to try to lift you out of worldwide beliefs taught by Christian Churches – beliefs which are blinding your spiritual vision.

The BELIEF that you were created by the kind of ‘God’ which views the earth as a schoolmaster views his school, marking up black crosses for bad behaviour and awarding ‘golden stars’ for good work.

A GOD whom ignorant people worshipped for thousands of years, A GOD who needed GIFTS and WORSHIP to sway ‘HIM’ from sending punishments in the form of pests, diseases, floods, epidemics, death:

  • a GOD who delighted in the sacrifice of birds and unblemished animals,
  • a GOD who could only be reconciled to the world he had created, through the bloody death of his so called only SON.

I, the true Christ, can only say to the Christians in the world: ‘What a very exemplary, noble-minded GOD you have fashioned for yourselves! A GOD to be feared – but never revered!’

I, the true Christ, can only ask the Christians in the world: ‘What is there in your personal nature or character which drives you, in this more enlightened age, an age of evolving brotherly love, to cling to and violently defend the old Christian Dogma, which, logically speaking, has not a single provable truth to commend itself to your reasoning mind?’

You have made for yourselves a GOD which you, yourselves, would never emulate, whose dictatorial behaviour your countries have legislated against by passing LAWS on HUMAN RIGHTS.

Your Human Laws have outlawed the stick in your schools, yet you cling to and defend a religion which is all about the ‘big stick’…

‘Believe in Jesus Christ or you’ll go to hell.’

Since I, The CHRIST, am Universal LOVE Itself – please stop reading for a moment and try to understand that such a statement could never, ever be made by myself. Try to understand that my intervention by means of your Internet was inevitable.

I will leave you here to give you time to absorb my message. I commend to you Letter 2 and Letter 3, describing as best as possible, the real persona of Jesus who lived and was crucified in Palestine over 2000 years ago.

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