Preparation for Your Path to Christ Consciousness

In the following excerpts from Christ's Letters it is clear that we must shed our conditioning. Christ says:

"Remember, unless you can become as a ‘child’ - (getting rid of a useless clutter of beliefs, prejudices, resentments, ambitions, and ego-drive), with a mind filled with wonder and utmost faith, you will not be able to absorb these pages as you should.

To become a ‘child’, you must make an effort to shed all past mental conditioning."


"As I have previously told you, inspiration, unless directed into a clean, deprogrammed mind, will always take on the overtones of convictions derived from early childhood conditioning."


"A conditioned and programmed mind is like concrete."


"We strongly urge you to band together, irrespective of religious beliefs, in small groups to use the Letters as guide lines for your daily lives. Shed, if you can, your conditioning, and come together in true humility, as people willing to agree they know little of true spirituality - but are strongly desirous of learning how to enhance and spiritualise their lives."

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How can we shed our past mental conditioning?

In Letter 6 Christ says:

I want you to realise fully that I have only come to help you rid your self of the undesirable ego-driven thoughts and emotions presently controlling your mind. I am also here expressly to encourage and ‘help you’ – yes, ‘help you’ – develop within your mind and heart all the love-based thoughts and emotions which will bring you into harmony with Divine Consciousness. It is my most urgent and loving purpose to bring you out of the grey shades of existence which you presently inhabit – into the ‘sunshine’ of spiritual enlightenment that awaits you when you have conquered the ego-drives, become unified with your soul and ‘Father-Mother-Life’ and moved into the harmony of unconditional love for all.

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In 2005, just before I discovered Christ's Letters, I was trained in a system which includes a protocol for Belief Change and would love to share that with you to show a way to "shed your conditioning"

The Universe is a Dream Machine is the title of the book that I created to be "A Handbook for Freedom" to show you how to shed your past conditioning from limiting beliefs. To Download Your FREE eBook, please visit:

To Download Your FREE eBook, please visit:

What’s In The Book:
Foreword by R.K. Ebert, PhD
A Handbook for Freedom
The Universe Has Eyes
Why Change Beliefs?
What You Believe Is What You Get
Make Peace With The Past
How To Transform Your Limiting Beliefs
Twenty One Limiting Beliefs To Transform
Bring Your Dreams To Life

Foreword by R.K. Ebert, PhD

“In The Universe is a Dream Machine , Linda Oliver has captured the essence of the sages: no action, thought, or feeling goes unnoticed in the universe. The rules of the universe are quite simple: what manifests in our world of experience is what we believe to be true. This is the true Law of Attraction. What shows up in your life may or may not be what you want, intend, or even consciously think. Never-the-less, if something shows up in your life the energy of your being has attracted it.

You are the center of your universe. If you want to change your life you must change how you look at and react to the things and people in your life. Forgiveness is an effective and gentle way to be kind to yourself and others, to let go of upsets, and to change your life.”

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