Awaken To All Possibilities

In Letter 2 Christ says:

"There was no need to feel sorry for anyone. The only need was a compassionate heart and a determination to bring Truth to heal their ignorance.

The greatest gift a man could give to another was the enlightenment of ignorance of existence and its cosmic laws, for the TRUTH was:

Every single soul was embraced within the UNIVERSAL and the degree of UNIVERSAL INPUT via the 'Father' LOVE WORK in their lives depended entirely on the individual's receptivity."

"I now saw, even more clearly, I was sent to awaken people to all the possibilities for self-development, prosperity and the achievement of joy and happiness, but it would be up to them to wake up and take advantage of what was offered them."

"A time will come in your spiritual development

when you will awaken to the enormous gift you have in your head -

the gift of creative, intelligent thinking, and you will also become

aware of the enormous responsibility you bear towards the way you use it."

~ Letter 8

"I came - and have come now - to help you find

'LIFE more abundant' and 'Infinite JOY' ~ Letter 8

"Only the teachers who can lead you through all the levels

of self-realisation, remorse, awakening, changing mental/emotional patterns,

moving ever upward into higher spiritual frequencies of vibrations

until reaching true 'God-realisation', - are the Teachers of Truth - who

can truly lead you into the Kingdom of Heaven." ~ Letter 8

"I, the CHRIST, Have come again to talk, colloquially,

about your lives and the way you approach your daily living …

You believe you are in control of your life, but in fact

you are all acting heedlessly and in total ignorance of what,

minute by minute, you are creating for yourselves.


~ Article 2

"It is vitally important to your future welfare and lives

that you wake up to the fact that you are not victims of

your circumstances and the experiences in your lives

- but the CREATOR of them." ~ Article 2

"I came - and am come now - to awaken you to the fact that

LIFE within you, grows you first of all, then it grows your plans, hopes,

expectations, it brings to you all the necessary assistance

to enable your plans, hopes and dreams to grow in the right and

perfect way which will bring life to other people also." ~ Article 12

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