What are Christ's Letters?

Excerpt from an Interview with The Recorder of Christ's Letters:

  • Carmelo Urso: Firstly I’d like you to explain to us, What are CHRIST’S LETTERS?

The Recorder: They are ‘Letters’ dictated by Christ through the mind of his anonymous channeller who was told by Christ to be known only as the Recorder. The purpose was to focus on Christ only as being the true author and inspirer.

  • Carmelo Urso: When were they written?

The Recorder: They were written during 2000 and early 2001.

  • Carmelo Urso: Do they pretend to be the basis of a new religion?

The Recorder: The Letters have been given to enlighten us regarding the true NATURE of THAT Which has given being to the visible world and all creation in any dimension. It is a detailed document of explanation of how and why the universe is not really solid but is energy – Consciousness – the consciousness which gives life to all living things.

  • Carmelo Urso: Why does the person who channelled them remain anonymous?

The Recorder: Many, many people have written spiritual literature which, they have said, has been given them by Christ or Jesus. In most instances, the author has become famous and his name is probably remembered more easily than the works he has written.

The Letters are, according to Christ, the seeds of our future spiritual evolution and are therefore of the utmost importance to people on earth. It must never be forgotten that Christ is both the author and the main spokesman in the text. Nothing whatever has been drawn from other people’s writings. It has all come straight from Christ’s own consciousness."

  • Carmelo Urso: Formal religion presents the “Kingdom of Heaven” as a place in which souls that have fulfilled certain and determined demands of God dwell. (abstain from committing sin, do good works, fulfill promply the rituals of worship and assimilate Divine Grace through faith). According to the LETTERS, what is the Kingdom of Heaven? Where is it? How do we realise that we are dwelling in it?

The Recorder: Yes, this is a very materialistic concept. Christ describes it as a quality of Being – the achievement of wholeness of perception, of unconditional love, of total forgiveness, of complete empathy and unity of spirit with others, of at-one-ment with Divine Consciousness.

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